Fitness Builds Resilience

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Resilience is defined as:

  • 1. the capacity to withstand or to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness.
  • 2. the ability of a substance or object to spring back into shape; elasticity.
Fitness builds resilience. It is like having money in your bank account.
If you have money in your bank account and you get hit with an unexpected bill, it is not really a problem. It make take a little longer to save up the money again, but you can move on with no debt or penalty.
Fitness builds the bank account of health. If you get a cold or flu, you may have to stop training and rest in order to recover. But the people who are most at risk of severe outcomes are those who are already hanging on by a thread. Building your fitness gives you room to fall when hit with an unexpected illness.

Cardio and Muscle Strength

We need both cardiovascular fitness for heart health and also strength to build strong bones and muscles. I heard someone say, “Older people don’t fall and break bones, they break bones and then they fall”. Either way that one can argue it, lifting heavy is a way to increase bone strength. Lifting weights places positive stress on the tendons and bones which increases bone density. (We also focus on balance and fall prevention in our training.)
We tend to lose muscle as we age. Muscles are basically stores of protein. We need to eat adequate protein and strength train in order to preserve and build muscle mass. It is good to have extra stores of muscle mass for times of unexpected illness. The stored protein will help the body recover and heal when it needs it.

Peter Twist

Coach Peter Twist gave an inspirational talk at this year’s canfitpro conference about his own journey. He went from being in peak fitness at age 47 to having a stage 4 cancer diagnosis within weeks. In his own words:
You have to have room to fall“.
He told about how he “didn’t crush cancer”. Rather, he said he “held on by a thread”. But he won. And he came back. He did the hard work of training his way back to fitness.

My Story

My own story, while not nearly as inspirational as surviving cancer, is actually the reason I started this business. It is my origin story.
After dealing with years of severe pain and heavy menstrual bleeding, which resulted in anemia, fatigue, lack of ability to heal from injuries, poor cardio performance, lack of progress in strength training, my problem was finally solved when I had a partial hysterectomy (removal of the uterus). This required a 6 week recovery period. Afterwards I felt very deconditioned. But when I was allowed to, I got back to it, slowly, starting with an 8 minute jog and my lungs felt like they were burning in my chest. I got back into light strength training, and I thought “I know what to do to get my strength back. I want to help other people do this”. And I became a personal trainer.
Are you ready to make your comeback?
Contact us to help you in your journey back to a stronger, more resilient life.
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